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With picturesque mountains, old growth forests and the Pacific Ocean right in our backyard, here in British Columbia, we take pride in maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle and a positive work life balance. In a province known nation wide for it’s ski hills, hiking trails, bike lanes and yoga mats, residents of BC typically lead active lifestyles.

However, optimal health cannot be maintained by physical activity alone. The human body requires adequate levels of essential nutrients to function and, in this day and age, our hectic schedules can make it difficult to obtain these nutrients via diet alone.

It is with this in mind that we formed Beyond Nutrition, an independently owned Canadian business focused on providing the minerals, nutrients and vitamins that are vital for a healthy life. With a large selection of high quality, Canadian made health products, as well as products sourced from select international suppliers, it is our goal to help alleviate vitamin and mineral deficiencies from daily life here in Canada, and across the globe.

With the right nutrients in our bodies, we can truly live life above and beyond!